Surcharge Free ATMs

Access Your Money with Ease

We want to help you save on ATM fees, whether you are in the York area, traveling around Pennsylvania, or working your way across the country.

You can make surcharge-free withdrawals at any ATM in Pennsylvania where you see the CU$ logo. Just look for the CU$ logo or find a surcharge-free CU$ site near you using the ATM locator found here.

You can also make surcharge-free withdrawals from all Sheetz, Rutters and Royal Farms ATM’s as well. ATM withdrawals are limited to 8 per month, after that there is a nominal fee per ATM withdrawal.

Following is a list of Free ATM locations:

  • Most Credit Union ATMs (CU$ ATM Network) – ATM Locator
  • All Rutter’s Convenience Store Locations – ATM Locator
  • All Sheetz Convenience Store Locations – ATM Locator
  • All Royal Farms Convenience Store Locations – ATM Locator