Reduce Your Chances of Being a Victim of Mail Fraud with eStatements

Even though identity thieves are finding new ways to steal information over the Internet, the original theft–for example, taking out a credit card in your name–tends to be a low-tech crime. According to the Federal Trade Commission, about half the country’s victims know how their information was swiped, and in many cases the breach was paper–bills, credit card solicitations, and financial statements–pilfered from garbage cans and mailboxes.

Banking and paying bills online not only cuts off thieves’ access to the papers they need to commit ID theft, but also helps detect the crime sooner. This is because consumers who bank online check their accounts much more frequently–nearly four times a month compared with once a month for those who receive statements by mail.

Receive your statement electronically and enjoy safety, timeliness, and convenience. For more information about eStatements please visit any of our local branches or contact a Senior Member Service Representative. Or complete our Online Services Application to get started today!