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What you need to know before applying for student loans.

FREE Money

Fill out your FAFSA – The free application for Federal Student Aid should always be filled out as early as possible, but it’s not too late to get yours finished. Even if you think you won’t qualify, fill out the FAFSA because most grants and federal loans will require you to have a completed application on file. In most cases financial aid is given on a first-come first-served basis. Applying early means you’ll have the best shot at the most financial aid possible. Even if you’re a little late this time, plan to apply as early as January 1st of your financial aid year. For more information visit or contact your college financial aid office.

Apply for scholarships and grants first – Look for “free money” first. High school counselors and college financial aid offices are great resources for information about scholarships and grants. You can even check out our free scholarship search engine and use our interactive tools and resources including helpful videos, articles, games, modules, and even a job search tool. Visit our Student Choice resource site to get started.


Apply for federal loans – After applying for scholarships and grants, get your federal direct student loans first, which are typically the least expensive and safest loan option. Federal loans should be considered before any applying for alternate funding.

GAP Money

Evaluate alternative loan options – Most students will need additional funding to fill the gap left after scholarships, grants, and federal loans have been exhausted (GAP). It’s important to compare loan details such as rates, terms, and repayment options when considering a private student loan to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your student loan.

Why to use our private student loan solution?

Our Student Choice loan has Zero origination or prepayment fees, low interest rates, flexible terms, and deferred repayment options, easy online application and instant approval.  Apply today or contact our Student Lending call center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling 855-265-3025.