10 Tips for Fuel Efficiency

November 03, 2021 | CUNA | Financial Wellness, Tips

With gas prices rapidly rising and no end in sight, we know the frustration of filling your gas tank and feeling like you are spending so much money. Here is a list of tips that will hopefully allow you to fill your tank a little less often.

Getting regular maintenance checks helps to keep your car running most efficiently. Fuel economy can be improved up to 20% by just replacing a dirty engine air filter.

Minimize AC
Air conditioning drops fuel efficiency by around 5%. Try to use it only when on the highway and opt for rolling down the window when city driving at slower speeds.

Travel Light
100 pounds of weight in a car, especially in smaller vehicles, can reduce fuel economy up to 1%. Try to keep only necessary items in the car.

Fuel Economy
If you notice that your vehicle needs to be refilled sooner than expected, it may indicate a need for car service.

Rush Hour
If you are able, try to run errands during off-peak traffic periods so you are not stuck in stop and go traffic.

Check Tires
Underinflated tires can reduce fuel economy due to the rolling resistance. Check your tires regularly.

Cruise Control
Driving at a steady speed can save gas. Be careful using cruise control on slippery roads however, as it reduces vehicle control.

Speed Limits
The faster your speed is, the more fuel your car consumes. Going 5 to 10 MPH less can help improve your fuel economy by up to 14 percent.

Fast Pass
Having an electronic transponder on toll roads can help save fuel by minimizing slowdowns and stops at tollbooths.

Drive Smoothly
Try to avoid rap acceleration and hard braking, which can use up to 30% more fuel on the highway and up to 40% in the city.

We hope that these tips will you save some gas, and more importantly, some money!


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