Be Aware of Scam Calls

May 13, 2022 | White Rose Credit Union | Fraud Protection

It has been brought to our attention of an instance where a Member received a phone call, displayed as one of our phone numbers, asking for information about a delinquent loan payment.

If you receive a suspicious phone call, email, letter, or any communication from anyone claiming to be from White Rose Credit Union, please do not hesitate to hang up, and contact us directly at 717-755-9773. We will be happy to verify if you were legitimately contacted. Please report any suspicious phone calls or activity to us immediately and file a police report.

Our staff members have been instructed to take additional measures to verify the identities of members when doing business with us. Please be patient with us as we take these extra precautions for your safety.

The protection and wellbeing of you, our member, and your personal information is of the upmost importance to our credit union.

Visit our Member Security page for more resources: