Bryan Smith Earns CCUE Designation

January 11, 2023 | White Rose Credit Union | News

Bryan Smith, Finance and Security VP, holds diploma from CUNA Management School.

Bryan Smith, Finance and Security VP at White Rose Credit Union


Bryan Smith, White Rose Credit Union’s Finance and Security Vice President, recently graduated from CUNA Management School.

CUNA Management School is a three-year program that takes place every July at the University of Wisconsin. The training program builds dynamic leaders with a rigorous blend of university classes and experiential learning activities. Bryan’s successful graduation of the program has earned him the Certified Credit Union Executive (CCUE) Designation, the gold standard designation for achievement to the credit union movement. Bryan provided some information about his experiences:

Could you describe your experience at CUNA Management School?

I had a wonderful experience attending CUNA Management School. The curriculum covers every topic an executive at a credit union would need to become a top performer. It was also very invigorating to meet other credit union executives from all over the country who are just as passionate about the credit union movement as I am. This experience provided me the opportunity to make many new friendships with credit union executives that I believe will last my entire credit union career. I also want to mention that Madison (Wisconsin) is a beautiful city to visit during the summer months.

Could you tell us about your current role at the credit union and how you got involved with CUNA Management School?

My current role as the Finance and Security Vice President at White Rose Credit Union has me overseeing the Accounting department, the IT department, and the Risk/Compliance department. I have always expressed interest in making myself a greater asset to the credit union and willingness to attend any type of training that relates to my position. I held a conversation with White Rose Credit Union’s President/CEO Deb Kauffman and was permitted to attend CUNA Management School.

How does your Certified Credit Union Executive (CCUE) designation help you with your career and future?

Attending and graduating from the CUNA Management School provided me with a variety of skillsets and knowledge that assists me in being the best executive I can be. Obtaining the CCUE designation signifies that I have been recognized by CUNA as a certified top professional in the credit union industry.

Do you have any advice for credit union professionals looking to move up the ladder within the credit union?

Have an open conversation with your supervisor on your desire on where you would like to be within the credit union. Your supervisor can provide you guidance on what steps you can take to position yourself as a qualified candidate for your desired role at the credit union.