Where to Find White Rose’s Routing Number on Your Check

December 07, 2017 | WHITE ROSE CREDIT UNION | Financial Wellness

Where is the routing number located on a check? Whether you need to set up direct deposit or transfer money to pay bills – you may be asked for your financial institution’s routing number. You can find that number on the bottom left portion of the checks provided when you open a checking account.

White Rose Credit Union’s 9-digit routing number is 231387356.

Find the Routing Number on Your Check

Important Numbers on the Bottom of a Check

Routing number –

Also known as an ABA (American Bankers Association) number or a routing transit number.

The routing number is found on the bottom left portion of a check. It should be a 9-digit number. This number serves as the electronic address for any financial transaction through your bank or credit union. Banks use routing numbers to:

  • Set up direct deposits
  • Create automatic bill payments
  • Process checks
  • Complete wire transfers

Having a unique routing number for every financial institution helps keep transactions secure and holds the right bank accountable for the promised funds.

Account number –

After the routing number, you’ll find your unique checking account number. This identifies the specific account that the check is transferring funds from when processed. The routing and account numbers will be separated by some sort of printed symbol so you can differentiate where one number starts and ends.

Check number –

This number is sometimes found on the bottom of a check, sometimes in the top right corner, and sometimes in both locations. They print checks with these reference numbers to help you keep track of the checks you’ve written when you balance your checkbook.

Other Places to Find this Information

Don’t have any checks handy? No problem. You can often find this information on your financial institution’s website or online banking system. If you’re still having trouble finding the routing number, simply contact your financial institution directly. They will be able to tell you the routing number that corresponds with your account.

You won’t find the correct routing number on any ATM/Debit card or prepaid card. The numbers listed on these cards correspond to a different system and won’t be compatible with your checking account.

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