Tips for Spring Cleaning

April 30, 2021 | CUNA | Financial Wellness, Spring Cleaning, Tips, Wellness

With warmer weather and sunnier days becoming the norm for this type of year, many people have spring cleaning on their minds. Here are a few tips for your wallet, your home, and your health! 

For Your Wallet
  1. Tune-up your finances. Create a budget review and correct your credit report, add a little more to your retirement contributions, and tweak your investments.
  2. Review important records and clean out files. Keep copies of tax returns, supporting tax documents, and receipts for as long as you can be audited, up to six years.
  3. Keep using your credit union. You’ll benefit from a nationwide network of free ATMs, lower interest rates, and more savings.
For Your Home
  1. Outdoor projects. Shake off the winter blues and refresh the look of your home. Check the following items, and clean up, repaint, or replace as needed.
  • House: Windows, Gutters, Sliding, Garage
  • Deck: Flooring, Furniture, Grills, Lighting
  • Garden/lawn: Litter/raking, Fertilizing, Mulch
  1. Indoor projects. Time to open up the windows and let in some fresh air. Make your home a clean and efficient space. Don’t be afraid to get rid of things. You could even have a yard sale to make a quick buck.
For Your Health
  1. Reorganize your pantry. Throw out any food that prevents you from reaching your health goals. Replace them with fresh fruit and vegetables.
  2. Get outside. Find a fun activity or hobby outside, whether it be hiking or gardening.
  3. Get a check-up. Instead of waiting until you’re sick to see a doctor, be proactive and make appointments with your primary care physician, dentist, etc., to make sure your health is good and to prevent illness.

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