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June 23, 2021 | White Rose Credit Union | Security, Fraud Protection

If you have a debit or credit card with us, you have access to a wonderful tool that keeps your bank account and card information safe, and helps you save. Don’t have either of those? Learn more about our debit cards with free checking, or our credit cards.

Introducing CardValet – powerful card management at your fingertips. Available on the App Store or Google Play, and free to White Rose Credit Union Members, this app helps you customize your spending and card controls.

Enable or Disable Your Cards at Anytime

You can lock your card right from the app in real-time. That means if your card is lost or stolen, you can turn it off before reporting it, that way no one can use it. Keeping it locked is also a great way to make sure that no unwanted purchases occur while shopping. When you’re ready to unlock, simply go into your app and select unlock, and you can use your card again within seconds.

Set Geographical Restrictions on Purchases

One of the coolest things about the CardValet app is the ability to set geographical restrictions. This means that you can set your card to only be accepted on purchases within a certain geographical area. Keeping it close to home? You can set your spending to take place only within a 2-mile radius of your home or current location. Any transactions outside of that radius will be blocked.

This tool is also great for going on vacation, so that you can be sure your card is only used where you are, when you want.

 Restrict or Allow Transactions Based on Merchant Types

You can also set up which merchant types to allow your card to be processed at. For example, if you only want to use it for gas, you can restrict the merchant types to gas station only, which means your card will only work at the gas station. This can be applied for shopping, groceries, travel and more, giving you peace of mind knowing you are in full control of your spending, and adding an extra layer of fraud protection.

Establish Spending Limits

If you’re sticking to a budget or worried you will spend to much while shopping, you’re in luck. You can establish spending limits for every transaction. By doing so, your card will not pay for anything over the pre-determined amount already set by you.

This tool is also useful for businesses with employee cards to limit overspending or cardholders with children using your cards.

 Create Alerts, Notes, Tags and More!

Your transaction history and spending habits will be available to you for viewing within the CardValet app. You can add notes and tags for each purchase to document.

You can also set up card alerts to notify you of every purchase. The second your card is swiped or used, you will know, by a notification on your smartphone and even your smartwatch.

CardValet is one of the many digital banking tools offered to members at White Rose Credit Union. By allowing powerful and personalized card management at your fingertips, you have the ultimate power and ability to control your spending and protect your card with ease. As always, our team is always here to help and always behind the scenes, protecting your information.


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