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Loans & Mortgages

As a valued member of White Rose Credit Union, you have access to low rates on all our loan products. Whether your goal is to buy a new car, or pay for your child’s education, we have the lending tools you need. Not only do we offer some of the most competitive rates in York and Adams counties, but we combine low interest rates with personalized service. All decisions and approvals are made locally. That means that you get access to your funds quickly and can speak with an actual person if you have any questions. You can apply for any of our affordable loans online from a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone! We make the application and approval process simple. Contact us to talk with a lending expert or apply for a loan today!


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Explore our loan products.


Signature Loans

Use your signature and good credit to take out this personal loan fast.

Shared Secure Loans

Borrow funds secured by your savings account or share certificate.

Recreational Loans

Get ready for an adventure with your new RV, dirt bike, or even a boat with this loan.


Use this flexible payment option to skip one, monthly loan payment each calendar year.


Auto Loans

Finance the new or used vehicle of your choice with low interest rates.

Motorcycle Loans

Experience the freedom of motorcycle ownership with this specialized loan.


VISA Credit Cards

These credit cards feature low rates, no annual fees, and the security of being backed by VISA.



Buy the home of your dreams with the mortgage program that works for you.

Home Equity Fixed Rate Loan

Leverage your home’s equity to achieve your financial goals with a one-time fixed-rate loan.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Put your home's equity to work with an open-ended loan that allows you to borrow multiple times over the life of the loan, up to your credit limit.


Student Loans

Fill the gap between costs and financial aid with a private student loan.

Tuition Reimbursement

Relieve the financial burden while waiting for your employer’s education reimbursement with this specialized loan.