Online Bill Payer

Easily Pay Bills Online

Online Bill Payer makes paying bills less painful, reduces the risk of identity theft, carries environmental perks, and even gives you greater control over paying off credit cards and other debts. Online Bill Payer lets you automate payments to take place on a set date every month, schedule a bill for payment weeks before a specific date, or simply go online to make payments to be delivered in two to three days.

Online Bill Payer reduces the risk that ID thieves may steal envelopes containing payments from home mailboxes or while in transit. That’s important, because the account information printed on both bills and paper checks offers a wealth of data to identity thieves who could misuse the information to open accounts in your name.

All you need to get started is Online Banking and a checking account.  This versatile tool is available for FREE!  A $5.00 fee will be charged for inactivity after three months of no use. For more information about Online Bill Payer please visit any of our local branches or contact a Senior Member Service Representative.

Online bill payer browser update:

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) is no longer a supported browser for accessing online bill pay. We encourage you to use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Mozilla Firefox.