Offering Flexible Loan Payment Solutions

Apply now -Download the application online or visit your local branch for your Skip-A-Pay benefits.

The Skip-A-Payment program allows you to skip one monthly loan payment per calendar year.

Apply Now To Skip Your Payment

Apply Now = Download the form, fill out, sign and return to your local branch.

You may also apply electronically by calling us  at 1.888.755.9773 to have the document sent to you securely through DocuSign.

 *Application must be received 5 days prior to loan payment due date requested. $25 fee applies for all qualified Skip-A-Payments. Limit One Skip-A-Pay per calendar year.

Some restrictions do apply.

How many payments will be skipped?

When we have approved the Skip-a-Payment option, we will skip the next monthly payment due on your loan if payment is due monthly; two payments if payment is due semi-monthly or bi-monthly; and four payments if payment is due weekly.

Application Information

It must be complete, including any co-borrower’s signature if applicable. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Multiple Loans

You may copy the application if you would like to Skip-a-Payment on more than one qualified White Rose Credit Union loan.

The Fee

There is a $25 fee for each qualified Skip-a-Payment. The fee may be withdrawn from your White Rose account, paid by cash, or by check made payable to White Rose Credit Union. Please do not mail cash.

Payment Information
  • Payroll deduction/direct deposit – Amount of loan payment will remain in your White Rose savings or checking account.
  • Monthly transfer from White Rose savings/checking – Your automatic payment will not be transferred to your loan on the skipped month; your payment will remain in your White Rose savings or checking account.
  • Electronic withdraw from another financial institution – Payment will still be withdrawn from your other financial institution and deposited into your White Rose savings account for month skipped.

One Skip-a-Payment option per loan is permitted per calendar year up to five years. Skip-a-Payment cannot be used for two consecutive months on the same loan.

Final Payment Date

It will be extended to allow you to pay your skipped payment at the end of your loan. Please note that interest will continue to accrue at your normal contract rate on your unpaid loan balance during the skipped period but you will not owe a late charge for skipping your payment. In addition, all other terms and provisions of your loan will remain the same.

* Please note that Home Equity Loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit, VISA® Credit Cards, and loans newer than 3 months DO NOT qualify for this promotion. White Rose Credit Union has the right to accept or deny Skip-a-Payment requests at our discretion.