Second Chance Accounts

Start building your new banking relationship.

Trouble with an account in the past may be preventing you from being able to open a new account, no matter where you apply. Not only can this be inconvenient, but it also gets expensive! Check-cashing services typically charge anywhere between 2% and 10% of the check’s face value.

A Second Chance Account at White Rose Credit Union costs significantly less than a check cashing service, and gives you access to all of our services to make obtaining your financial goals easier.

Our Second Chance Account stipulations include:

  • A $10 monthly Fee
  • A $25 minimum in savings
  • Debit Card Only (No Checks)

Your Second Chance Account can be converted to a traditional account, which includes no monthly fees, no minimum balance, and access to checks by:

  • Maintaining your Second Chance Account in good standing for 12 months without any new unpaid items reported to our ChexSystems.
  • Providing proof of completing TWO of the following free courses provided by

Second Chance Accounts are a great opportunity to re-establish your accounts and work towards your financial goals. White Rose Credit Union also offers a variety of Financial Literacy resources to support our members.

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